Some photos, yesterday and today


I’ll upload these now because I am off to Port Hardy, at the northern end of Vancouver Island, today to catch the ferry to Prince Rupert.  Guess you’ll have to click on them to see them better. 

Well, that was then.  It was a very slow upload and I had to give up and get going to Port Hardy if I was going to catch the ferry.  Caught the ferry and am now in Prince Rupert, so will update that journey in a future blog. 

The majority of you Aussies may not know where these places are, but Google maps does. 

Road to Tofino


Road to Tofino


Road to Tofino


Campsite - best one in the place


View of beach from campsite


Set up


Beach at Tofino


Beach at Tofino


Beach at Tofino


Beach again


Eeek! A crab! Think it's dead though...

Feet in the Pacific

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8 Responses to Some photos, yesterday and today

  1. Kimberlee Scott says:

    It looks so pretty Mum! I like the campsite and your tent, it’s extra grouse. The photo of the crab reminded me of the time we were in Canada and I hid a dead crab under my hat and scared you shitless. Ha ha. Looks like you’re having the time of your life. And so you should. You deserve it. (Doing the face….)

    Love Kimberlee xxox

  2. IT"S ME says:

    Love the photos.Those mountains,….!!! WOW. The tent looks nice and cosy, ….. bear proof?? ( just teasing ) Dad thinks the country looks ”rough”, I think he is comparing it with C’mulla ! Make the most of every minute, you have earned it many times over.
    Also like the quote by Jack London. It should be Writ Large in every home, and yes, it fits you to a “T”. Hope you are having a good sleep just now.
    Love always

    • Janette says:

      Hello and thanks for the comments. You haven’t been on Skype for a while. I also was offline until yesterday (no internet access). Also, do you realise you have two Facebook profiles? Read the latest blog, you get a mention…

  3. Cathy Perkins says:

    Hey Janette, Looks and sounds like your having a fab time!! Good on you, it’s exciting just reading what you have done so far. I can just imagine the rush riding thru the mountains and enjoying what nature has to offer. I will keep following your adventure with you, extremely envious of course 🙂 Glad to hear the people are so kind and friendly, and you have that heated jacket, bet thats a god send!! Just know that the Perkins clan are thinking of you and can’t wait to read more about your travels. Love your cousin, Cathy xoxo

    • Janette says:

      Thanks Catherine – just uploaded an update and am about to start on another. The heated jacket – I have not hooked that up yet but reckon I will need it tomorrow. It’s about 12 degrees here today! Say g’day to Uncle Barry and Aunty Paula for me. Hope you, Paul and the kids are well.

  4. Little Lizard says:

    Hi Net,

    Have been watching your trip with envy so far. Very impressive at your courage to do something like this, as I still think Wallumbilla is a metropolitan city. Tried to send a comment earlier today, however for some reason it went awol. I said something like Kym and I should do the same, except on a pushbike (unsure how that will go with Kym).

    Now know where Prince Rubert is, which is good. Thanks for that.

    Anyway hope all is good. Kym has a few days in Cunnamulla so Max and I are batching. Cereal three times a day can be nourishing. Will continue to read your comments daily, and don’t forget to include a comment to Ma – otherwise she’ll get stressed. Hi Ma.

    So keep the Kushman upright and take care.

    • Janette says:

      Thanks Steve! I think YOU’RE brave riding your deadly all those miles alone the western highways. I highly recommend you doing a bike trip over here though, the views are amazing and much better than anything you’d get out at Charleville, that’s for sure. Perhaps Kym could be your support team. The Kushman…ha ha, upright so far but a few hairy moments yesterday. I’ll start writing about that soon. Internet access is not great here but have managed to upload one post today. Take care and say g’day to Kym for me.

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