Edmonton Mall

Well, Gentle Readers, I made it to Edmonton with a minimum of fuss.  Only one hiccup:  a road which was open on the map was closed due to construction.  So I had to backtrack, and was parked somewhere reading the map when a very kind man asked if I needed assistance.  I did!  He told me which way to go:  I just follow the road and turn left, left again, then left again – just like my Dad so I knew I’d be okay.

Got to my destination and unpacked, then set out to go to the Edmonton Mall, which is the largest in North America.  I decided to get a taxi there because I was too tired to try to find it on the bike. 

As I mentioned, the Edmonton Mall is the largest in North America, and was once the largest in the world.  This place is massive, and makes Chermside shopping centre look like a corner store from the 1950s.  It is about eight blocks long and three blocks wide.  I was a bit scared of getting lost, so headed straight for the information desk where I secured a map of the place.

I saw there were some theme parks in the Mall, so headed to one.  Here are some photos of one of the theme parks:

I was taking photos and nearly got run over by this bloody train!

Part of the roller coaster

The place even has an ice rink!

I like this mall – it is very nicely designed.

Here’s the REAL reason I visited the mall 🙂


And finally, here’s one for you, Kimberlee.  See, they even have these here!

Payless Shoes

Took the bike to Argyll BMW the next day and got the tyres replaced.  I also had them do an oil and filter change, check brakes pads, etc etc.  Done by 1 PM and I was off to Jasper, in the Rocky Mountains.  I made it to a place called Edson and stopped at a very rustic campground 8 kms out of town.  It cost me $20, and this is what I love about camping.

I have mega-photos to sort through, so will post this now and tell you about Jasper tomorrow.  Alberta is a beautiful province.  Some parts remind me of Aussieland actually.  The summer weather has been similar:  hot during the day them storms late afternoon/evening. 

Twelve years ago, almost to the day, I looked down on Jasper and the Rockies from a plane and vowed to ride a motorcycle through here one day.  Now, it’s finally happening. 

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8 Responses to Edmonton Mall

  1. Kimberlee says:

    There’s a Payless Shoes!!!! Like, Oh My God!! I hope you weren’t scared to go on any rides – you would have gotten some weird looks for sure. And let’s hope that Indian driver happens to stumble upon this very blog and realise it’s him you’re talking about. Maybe then he will consider asking people how many daughters they have!

    Can’t wait for your next blog.
    Love you lots xxox

    • Janette says:

      No, I didn’t go on any rides, too many people there!
      Like I said, I’m sure the taxi driver was only trying to be friendly, but he had no concept of personal space.

  2. Denise M says:

    Here are some small useless facts. In order for our country to sustain its high number of social programs, we need a certain number of population growth. And hey, since the advent of birth control our numbers have gone down considerably. We depend very heavily on hopeful immigrants coming to Canada to raise their next generations. Good on us too, that other people continue to breed in higher numbers. As with all things that grow at differing rates the indigenous people, the French, and the white Anglo Saxon are the new minority. It helps to keep all things Canadian. That said, July 1 is fast approaching! HAPPY CANADA DAY eh!!!!

  3. Janette says:

    Thanks for the info Denise. I think that is the case across much of the western world; it certainly is in Australia and we are better off because of it.
    Happy Canada Day for tomorrow – I’m trying to decide whether to stay in Jasper to enjoy the celebrations, or head down the road to another town.

  4. Stephanie says:

    Hey Janette
    It would be great if you were able to add a map of your travels to your blog? If it’s easy enough to do…
    Loving it!

  5. Elaine says:

    Hey Hi I’m guessing Chermside is a pretty big mall making Freddy Beach malls look like a corner store. Keep safe and take er easy.

    • Janette says:

      Chermside is a pretty big mall Elaine – perhaps a bit bigger than the Freddy malls, although the Freddy malls may have grown some since I was last there.

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