The Last Cupla Days: Photos/Part II

If I’d only been patient I could have uploaded these photos with the commentary and just had the one post, but now we have to have Part I and Part II, I suppose.

As mentioned, I landed in Canmore, Alberta.  It is only about 20 kms from Banff.  My campsite, across from Tim’s et al., was $20.  Wow.  Here is Canmore’s location:

I find it much easier to write stuff when it’s accompanied by photos, and seem to remember more too.

I was speaking to a very nice woman who camped in the spot next to me.  My little tent looked quite diminutive next to their massive RV!  She was there with her sister and their respective husbands, travelling through western Canada.  She’s from Ontario and her sister from Bathurst, New Brunswick.  She was very interested to hear about my trip and we chatted for ages.  She reckons the eastern side of Canada is better than the west, and told me a long story about some Nova Scotians they met who lent them some salt – the point of the story being that Nova Scotians, and all eastern Canadians, are very friendly.  She reckons Newfoundlanders are the friendliest of the lot.

I think in my last post, Part I, I was telling you about my walk through Canmore to find Canada Day events.  I took some pics along the way; here they are and now you all know what Canmore looks like.  Yes, I realise you can look it up on Google Street, but my photos, well…my camera’s photos…are better:

This creek, crossed by a bridge, was right in the middle of town. Beautiful spot.

Main drag...nothing much happening on this particular day

On my walk I saw heaps of these little blokes, so cute!  They are similar to the Arctic Ground Squirrels I told you about some time ago.  I guess they are a different kind of squirrel.  Hopefully a Canadian will inform me of exactly what these are.  We don’t have them in Australia.  They live in these holes in the ground and pop their heads out from time to time.  Delightful to watch.  I sat there for ages getting photos of them:

They live in these holes

I think I’m going backwards in this post, but oh well.  On the way to Canmore, from Jasper, I passed the Columbia Icefield and saw this glacier.  It was just incredible to see in real life!  I have never seen a glacier before.  From memory, it’s called the Athabasca Glacier:

And finally, on the way to Canmore I was also treated to these beautiful views:


Just when I think the views in this country can’t get any better, I come across the above.  Today I left the Rockies and headed east through Alberta.  The Rockies kind of ended suddenly.  One minute I was amidst towering mountains with clouds and the odd bit of rain, the next I was on flat plains and mostly sunshine.  A man I had been talking to earlier told me, “If you don’t like the weather in Alberta, wait five minutes”.  He said it changes frequently, whereas in Saskatchewan, his home province, if you see clouds/rain, or clear skies, you can be sure it will be rainy or sunny respectively for the entire day.

I am loving every minute of this trip.  The views just get better and better.  I thought the Yukon was something to write home about, but this is great.  I am looking forward to Ontario.  Quite a number of people have mentioned that Ontario is lovely and have recommended this place and that to go and see.  One person warned me though:  fill up before you cross the border because the gas prices are prohibitive in Ontario.  I filled up today for 96 cents a litre in Alberta.  That’s way better than Aussieland, so surely Ontario can’t be much more than that.

Hope you liked the photos.  More next time I can get some decent internet access.  Sometimes the libraries are good, sometimes not.  Motels are always good for uploading photos though 🙂

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4 Responses to The Last Cupla Days: Photos/Part II

  1. Kimberlee says:

    Can’t wait for more!!! Face….
    Love you xxox

  2. rattratt says:

    Prairie dogs.

    Prairie dogs.

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