The Last Cupla Days…

At present I am in the library at a town called Canmore, south of Banff in Alberta.  Unfortunately I have no maps or photos; the internet access is quite slow and I would be here until closing time – no exaggeration.  There is one thing to be said for staying in motels:  I can generally upload the photos in double-quick time.

Left Jasper yesterday and travelled down the Icefields Parkway.  Beautiful ride and again I wish I had photos to show you.  I will have to upload them another time.  I saw a bear right on the side of the road, but unfortunately was way past him/her by the time I could even think of looking for a place to stop.  Not sure if it was a grizzly, but I remember the brown colour.

Arrived in Banff, which is heavily commercialised.  There were big Canada Day celebrations happening there, but alas nowhere to stay or even park my bike really.  Banff must be the place to go to celebrate events such as these.

For Aussies, yesterday (July 1) was Canada Day.  I decided to find a town down the road and maybe join in their Canada Day celebrations.  Canmore was it – not far south of Banff and a medium-sized town.  Canmore is a nice town and is completely surrounded by huge mountains.  I found a campground right in the middle of the town, set up the tent, and hotfooted it to the downtown area to sus out both the current Canada Day events, and also hopefully view the fireworks later on.  I was hoping to fluke some half-decent fireworks photos with the camera.

Went all through downtown and nothing doing.  The place was pretty much deserted.  Walked around some more, but there wasn’t anything going on.  Oh well, I thought, perhaps Canmore people join in Banff’s Canada Day celebrations.  Nothing else to do, so I went back to the campground and sat Nigelesquely in the tent for a while, before drifting off to sleep…

…And was awakened a couple of hours later by the sound of fireworks!  Dang.  Knowing me, I probably looked everywhere but the right place.  It was disappointing, because I’ll only be here for one Canada Day, and I damned well missed it.

Tried again to upload photos, but guess it’s not going to happen today.  It is now 1.30pm, so had better hit the road.

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2 Responses to The Last Cupla Days…

  1. rattratt says:

    Please write the following on the inside of your windscreen and repeat it often as your mantra as you ride along:

    “If I see a Grizzly at the side of the road, I will NOT stop to take its photo.
    If I see a Grizzly at the side of the road, I will NOT stop to take its photo.
    If I see a Grizzly at the side of the road, I will NOT stop to take its photo.”

    From a Grizzly’s point of view, humans are considered to be at the delicious end of the food chain, if you get my drift…

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