O Montreal, let me count the ways I love thee. Oops, lost my calculator

In November, quite some years ago now, my then ten year old daughter saw snow for the first time.  I see her still:  her delight and wonderment, the brightness of her eyes.  I see her dancing, her extended hands catching the light flurries which flew through the air and dusted the ground to settle upon the beautiful city where we had stopped en route to a further destination.  That city was Montreal.  It’s lost none of its magic.  When I see Montreal now, and although it’s the summer of 2010, instantly my mind flies back to that day. 

Mind you, this was after my daughter had already sicked up the Freddo Frogs she insisted on eating on the plane, rather than her real dinner.  Sick, all over her red turtleneck, and sick all over the faded blue jeans with the monogrammed roses on the knees.  Sick everywhere, which I and the very patient and professional Air Canada staff somehow mopped up without gagging as well.  Nonetheless, by Montreal my daughter was ready to party, and party she did amongst the snow.  I just had to join her.  Who cares what anyone thought?

Good times.

In Montreal, something’s always happening.  I decided to stay two night here so I could have a good walk through the old city, as recommended by people along the way.  Found my way into the place okay, but there were  lot of streets closed due to construction, so it was in a very roundabout fashion that I finally got to the Holiday Inn.  I’d originally been aiming for the Best Western, but after many detours and map-checking, I rode along for a while and spotted the Holiday Inn on the horizon, so stopped.

Yesterday I walked down to the old city of Montreal.  Very interesting place, very vibrant, and beautiful, of course.  Here is what I saw:

The above was on the way to the old city, just thought it looked interesting.

Lots was happening in this mall:

More of the old city streets:

The food sounds yummy:

Naturally, no place in the world would be complete without:

Luckily, they also had a Tim’s:

Some nice sculptures around too:

Kids having fun in the fountain.  It was a hot day!

This bloke was at the end of the mall with his lizard.  He reckoned it was a monitor lizard and was 25 years old.  I reckoned it looked like a goanna.  It didn’t seem to mind me photographing it, and the man was happy to chat after I’d put a couple of bucks in the hat.

The below photo shows a sign for poutine.  This is a very rich dish which has been described as a culinary heart attack.  It consistes of chips, gravy and cheese curds, I think, and is delicious.

Notre-dame catheral:

And finally, some Police bikes!

That’s all for now folks.  It’s approaching check-out time from this hotel so I had better go before they politely ask me if I’m intending to stay another night!  I’m intending to do some camping for a few days.  More later.

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8 Responses to O Montreal, let me count the ways I love thee. Oops, lost my calculator

  1. Elaine says:

    I’m glad you took the time to look at Montreal, lovely atmosphere. Taker easy.

  2. Kimberlee says:

    We must have looked like a pair of idiots dancing in the rain. I still remember it too. Good times indeed. That man needs to come over here and see what a real lizard is. And that poxy old goanna – what a joke. Silly man.

    Nice to hear your voice….
    Love you xxox FACE!!

  3. Denise M says:

    It’s so funny…can’t name a prarie dog or a beaver but lizards you have no problem. Here a lizard is a lizard, what’s the diff?


  4. Little Lizard says:

    G’day Net – still reading your comments with interest, so dont think that just because I havent written for a while that I no longer read them. Your trip continues to amaze Kym and I with the places you have gone, and we’re still very envious.

    Good old Charleville is still the same – nothing like your photos. We’ve had the wettest winter on record so far (to my knowledge), with heavy floods in March and has rained for the past week. I’ve lived here for over 11 years and never seen a decent shower, let alone a thunderstorm and this year has been totally the opposite. Anyway my vege patch appreciates it. Unfortunately my bike riding has been put on the backburn for a while – had big plans this year however hasnt worked out. Spat the dummy over the Tour de France results, which lestened my enthusiasm.

    Noted the comments from Ma a few blogs back over how she had to stop the conversation to ‘get Dad his dinner’, and will bring this to Kym’s attention on how to run a successful household. She says that I’m getting more and more like Dad every day, however I disagree as ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ and ‘Bananas in Pyjamas’ no longer feature in my TV viewing.

    Anyway continue to take care. Will look forward to seeing the photo’s at the end of your trip. No doubt will ignite Kym’s enthusiasm for a return trip over there.

    • Janette says:

      Thanks Steve. Certainly sounds like you’ve had a lot of rain out there, which is good. You and Kym really need to come here for a holiday and make sure you see the eastern part of the country – New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.

      Ha ha, had to laugh about Thomas and Bananas! What a crack-up the old fella is…

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