The Freeloading Continues…

Yes, the freeloading has continued ad infinitum, and I have remained at my lodgings with the Two Older Women.  Apart from free food, there have been opportunities for socialising and, best of all, riding our motorcycles.  The Fredericton area of New Brunswick is packed with roads friendly to motorcyclists; sweeping curves, little country towns, and always the gorgeous views and scenery.   

One very enjoyable socialfest consisted of the celebrations for National Beer Day.  Now, being an Aussie I of course enjoy the odd cold one, yet I was hitherto unaware that there was even a day of celebration for beer.  Oh, the shame of it!  It took the Canadians to show me how to really celebrate this very important aspect of Australian culture.  Here are some pics of the knees-up.  The hats, apart from their obvious class, were mandatory:  

National Beer Day Committee: (from left) President, Secretary, Treasurer

The entertainment was provided by this very acrobatic and intelligent dog, who spent a considerable amount of time trying to catch the bubbles.  Despite repeated failed attempts, his tenacity and persistence was admired by all:  

That night we sat around a campfire and were treated to these views at sunset:  





We went on a couple of motorcycle rides around the area.  Here are the bikes in question:  


The riders:  

We stopped off at a little country town.  This particular town is pretty typical of the small towns in the area.  Quiet, charming, and with plenty of character:  



But what about these views!  The place was beautiful, and let me tell you Aussies, everywhere you go it’s much the same.  




On another day, I went for a burn with Triumph Rider, aka Biker 2 of a couple of posts ago.  TR led the way through numerous picturesque back roads, carefully observing every speed limit, traffic light, and crosswalk.  Alas, the pressure of this was eventually too much for poor TR.  Indeed, I knew it couldn’t last, and in fact was probably doomed before it even started.  Anyway, TR’s true colours eventually emerged; upon spying some bossy looking signs she willfully, deliberately, and in a typically contrary manner did thusly:  

No Parking. That means us...

No Parking. Oh dear...

 I had no choice but to follow TR to this parking spot, or should I say, NO parking spot.  I mean, I don’t know where we’re going.  My heart was in my mouth the whole time we were there.  Luckily, no Police caught us in the act.  Whew.  

Close by was a paddock which contained another bossy sign:  

I was able to use my Extreme Telephoto lens and capture some photos.  The hay here is rolled up, unlike in Aussieland where they are in rectangular bales.  



After that Scary Moment, we hurried off to get some more photos.  I had to speak to TR quite sternly, then thought it best to ride ahead at this point to find a LEGAL parking spot-  

Legal Parking Spot

– where we captured these views:  




This country continues to delight me:  the scenery, the people, the weather, all have come together to make this a most pleasureable ride.  Thus far, it seems I have been travelling a little too quickly through each town – which has been necessary because the country is huge and the summer does not last forever.  Therefore, I am fortunate to have spent some time here in Fredericton and to have had the opportunity to see the Maritimes in more detail.  What’s the best part of Canada so far?  Definitely the Maritimes! 

That’s all for now.  Next time I’ll tell you all about covered bridges, how we visited the longest covered bridge in the world, and the beautiful roads we took to get there.

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9 Responses to The Freeloading Continues…

  1. Kimberlee says:

    I’m telling!! The police will come and take your bike away and send you on the next plane home! I can not even begin to tell you how hard I laughed at the first photo. It’s now my desktop picture. Ha ha ha ha ha!! I hope the dog was enough entertainment for you all…with a beer in your hand, I’m guessing it was.

    I miss you lots. Love Heidi xxox

  2. rattratt says:

    And what was Saint Janette doing after begging TR to pull over so she could take some piccies of the adorable hay bales?

    Sign? What sign?

    Oops, seems I accidentally inserted a link. Don’t worry, nobody will bother to go there.

    • Janette says:

      Yes, I AM Saint Janette actually. And, as you well know, I martyrishly had to brave the trespassing paddock to get the piccies because you were scared an angry farmer might discover us…

  3. Elaine says:

    So rare to read about maturity winning out over the rash youth of today. Glad you prevailed ‘ride safe, park legal’ ; ). Gorgeous pics you have there.

  4. IT"S ME says:

    that lovely sunset !! taken siting around a campfire ! Oh, how envious. ! That TR biker seems a worry parking in NO Parking zones. Then again, TR sent me some great pics of SOMEONE walking past a No Tresspassing sign ! Had to print that out, now didn’t I ? Those hats, too ! Seems to me that things are getting out of hand over there. Better sit quietly with tea and scones, …… Oh, now THAT I would like to see !!

    Great blog as usual,…. looking forward to the next one.
    Love always,

  5. Denise M says:

    As the secretary of this much cherished committee, I must say that yet again this year, the Official Beer Drinking day was a bit over stated. Oh yes in days gone by, there could have been one or two tipsee’s, but not anymore. Now as maturity has set into our bones we have come to enjoy that famous natures brew another way. We eat it. Yes, indeed when the liver needs a break, we have found a way to eat our beer. We eat “beer can Chicken”! Add this to the menu and all is well.. Janette can discribe the eating of the beer chicken, far better than I could. So now we might be a bit longer in the tooth, but it forces us Canadians to be a bit more creative. Need I say more, our winters force us to think of new ways to play once our glorious summer arrives?

    • Janette says:

      Oh yes…they do eat beer! Denise, you described it very well. Put a half can of beer up a chicken’s bum (a dead chicken…) and throw him on the barbie. The result is yummy moist chook with a beer flavour. And the Canadians invented this!

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