Covered Bridge Ride

Covered bridges are not something we see much of in Aussieland.  New Brunswick, Canada, has 62 of them.  I found this description which best sums them up: 

Covered bridges seem to promise all the best features of bygone country life:  a cool fragrant wooden space like an old barn, built of hand-hewn timbers, beside sunny fields or quiet forests, over rolling waters”

It was towards the longest covered bridge in the world that TR and I pointed our bikes one fine and sunny summer’s day.  The ride traversed a quiet country road alongside a river, with gorgeous scenery around every corner.  TR had her camera loaded and ready to go: 

As did I: 

Shhh...Master Photographer at Work


Almost immediately after we left Fredericton, we came across these views of the river and surrounding countryside: 







TR went to get some gas while I stopped down the road at this spot: 


After an excellent ride through the above countryside, TR and I approached Hartland, New Brunswick, home of the longest covered bridge in the world.  Before I show you the pics, I’ll explain why these bridges are covered.  Although they appeal to tourists, there is also a practical reason:  in climates where the snow and ice falls hard in the winter, the coverings offer a level of protection from the elements.  It is said that an ordinary wooden bridge in these parts will last 10 to 15 years.  A covered bridge, however, will still be standing after 70 or 80 winters. 

Here are a few photos of the covered bridge at Hartland.  It’s over 1200 feet long: 



TR and I took millions of photos (each) then crossed the bridge via this pedestrian walkway: 


TR took this one of the flowers at the entrance of the bridge.  Pretty eh? 


Actually, TR took most of the photos in this post.  She has a good eye! 

Views from the walkway: 



View from the other side: 




I went under the bridge and sat on a pontoon to get more photos.  I stayed there for ages, a lovely peaceful spot: 


Got these photos: 






It was a nice little sojourn in Fredericton with the two older women, and the above is just one of the scenic places in the area.  I have continued my tour and am now in Nova Scotia.  TR is with me, having offered her services as a guide through this, her home province.  Unbelievably, it is even more beautiful than New Brunswick.  I have literally hundreds of photos to sort through before I can upload the next post.  Stay tuned for these, as well as my account of our travels through Nova Scotia, TR breaking the law (again) – this time riding sans her helmet, tsk tsk, and our stay in a Posh Hotel.

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One Response to Covered Bridge Ride

  1. IT"S ME says:

    Another interesting blog,….. always looked forward to! Beautiful pics., interesting about the covered bridge, lately I feel we are close to needing one here, the winter has been soo cold. Fire still going, raining, freezing westerly wind, no wonder you are still with your ‘older friends’. Look after them.!
    Love always

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