TR and I head to Nova Scotia

Well Blogfans, you may not have realised this, but my tour across Canada is actually continuing and I have ceased my Freeloadfest with the Two Older Women.  For those who came in late, and I know there are many of you who initially failed to catch on to the wonders of this Blog, I am riding my motorcycle across North America, primarily Canada.  I am visiting three oceans in the process:  first the Pacific (done), then Arctic (done), and the Atlantic (still to do), and in the process am dipping my feet in each body of water.  Despite this, the feet continue to smell a bit iffy, so I’m hoping the Atlantic will work some wonders.  

To get to the Atlantic Ocean, it has been necessary to travel through one of the most picturesque provinces in Canada – Nova Scotia.  Although the province has long been famous for its beauty, Carly Simon made mention of Nova Scotia in her 1973 song “You’re so Vain“.  She petulantly trilled about a rejecting paramour, alleged to be Warren Beatty, who “flew [his] Lear Jet up to Nova Scotia to see the total eclipse of the sun”.  

TR and I were not looking for eclipses of suns or any other astronomical delights, nor did we want to swan around the world in Lear Jets.  We simply wanted to ride our motorcycles through some of the best and most scenic roads in North America, if not the world.  It was on a bright and sunny Saturday morning that we loaded our bikes, farewelled our fan club of one (thanks for your assistance with the packing Elaine!), and headed off to St. Andrews, New Brunswick, on the way to the ferry to Nova Scotia.  

You may be wondering why TR is joining me for this portion of the trip.  Well, TR was born in Nova Scotia and generously agreed to take some holidays to accompany/guide me through her home province.  I have to say, it’s been great not being a Nigel No Friends for a change.  Here are some pics of TR and I at Kilometre Zero:  

TR all packed and ready to go, thanks Elaine!

I didn't need any help

Ready to hit the Frog and Toad...

We stopped off at a beautiful spot which I would have missed had I been on my own.  Thank you TR!  Here it is, quiet, peaceful, and absolutely gorgeous.  I took a bunch of photos, as did TR.  TR’s photos are the ones that actually made it to this Blog, as below.  As for mine, sigh…  I need photography lessons.  Badly.   


  Presently, we arrived in St. Andrews, a little town in the southern part of New Brunswick.  Close to this place is the point where we catch the ferry across the Bay of Fundy to Nova Scotia.  So it will soon be goodbye to New Brunswick.  Here are some pics of the place where we camped: 

Near the campground

Also near the campground

View from the campground. Suffer, all you nine to fivers...ha ha!

St. Andrews is full of historical places: 

Historical place

Historical place sign, cool eh!

The town of St. Andrews:  beautiful and with a distinct absence of garish commercial places like Maccas, KFC, and other retail-like outlets: 

TR and I went to the wharf at St. Andrews.  I gave my camera a rest and let TR do all the picture-taking. 

Some wharf piccies: 


 It was a perfect day, soured only by one dismal event connected with blatant law-breaking.  You may be aware that TR, in her own blog, unjustly accused me of trespassing.  Well, I may have been led astray at that time, but it’s a case of the pot calling the kettle black, as follows: 

Where is your helmet?

Where is your helmet II?

Tsk tsk...

You’d think someone who was nearly 50 years old would know better…

Anyway, TR and I wandered around the town taking mega photos before retiring to our tents at the local campground.  The next day we took a ferry ride, with the bikes, across the Bay of Fundy to Nova Scotia.  Because I’m super-bored with writing this blog at the moment, I’ll tell you about the Next Bit tomorrow, or maybe the next day.  Or next week.  But stay tuned Blogsters.  I love youse all.  Goodnight.

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5 Responses to TR and I head to Nova Scotia

  1. Elaine says:

    Sorry to hear of your blog boredom I for one found this one particularly fascinating. Unable to put my finger on why hmmmm. Another great story, thank you for your time and effort. : )

  2. IT"S ME says:

    Don’t you DARE become bored with your blog writing ! They keep us going, ….unner stan ‘ ? Perhaps a GOOD HIT is needed !

    Looking forward to more.
    Love always

  3. Hi!! Sounds like a great trip!! I’m from St. Stephen originally but am now living in NYC. I go “back” almost every year for a visit. I just had to comment … I think your photos maybe of St. Andrews though … not St. Stephen? Anyway … enjoyed the shots!
    Have a great trip and I’ll be interested in hearing more!!

    • Janette says:

      Thanks for your kind words Tim! I realised I’d got the name of the town wrong after I’d posted…well, TR actually pointed it out… The photos are definitely of St Andrews, beautiful spot and I intend to visit St Stephen too at some stage.

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