Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, and Rocks of Blue

In this edition:  

  • Lunenburg, Nova Scotia;
  • Rocks of Blue;
  • TR breaks the law (again);
  • We slum it in Halifax

The journey continues.  TR and I wanted to visit the south shore of Nova Scotia, so after a relatively efficient bikepackfest (we didn’t have tents to dissemble) we pointed the bikes to Lunenburg.  I keep raving on about beautiful Nova Scotia, but this particular place is a standout.  It’s called Blue Rocks, and is reached by an out of the way road.  It was not initially apparent that there was something worth seeing at the end thereof.  One day previous to this TR became lost, but found herself found when she found the end of this road, thus simultaneously ending her lostness and finding Blue Rocks (if that makes sense).  

Down the road: 


Parked the bikes… 


And went on a clickfest: 






We reluctantly tore ourselves away from this place, because (a) we wanted to keep riding, and (b) we needed to eat.  TR had neglected to bring the fishing rod, so we could not catch lunch there at Blue Rocks.  So it was off to Lunenburg to see the sights, get more piccies, and feed our faces.  We parked the bikes and ate here: 

Lunch place - Rumrunner Inn, Lunenburg

The food was pretty good too, prompt service as well.  Again TR and I left a good tip.  We got a few more photos of the surrounds of the Lunenburg wharf: 






I was happy to let TR do most of the photo taking… 


Halifax was the next place to visit.  I know this blog is kind of comically flitting from one spot to the next, but the main purpose of the Nova Scotia trip is to ride our motorcycles.  You, Blogees, must consider yourselves  privileged that we decided to not only take a few pics but also write about our journey  🙂 

We rode into Halifax late one afternoon, right on rush hour.  TR and I parked the bikes with some difficulty (TR’s sidestand does not allow for any kind of dip to the left), and by that stage were both tired and still had not found anywhere to rest our heads for the night.  It was probably not the best time to then commence looking through TR’s iPhone to secure some accommodation.  TR had a go (failed), then I had a go (failed also).  We dithered for quite some time over the cheapest/most comfortable, and we were both getting more tired and scritchy as time went on.  Finally, we gave up and decided to slum it at the Sheraton, just down the road and around the corner.  Nice place: 


We went for a walk with the cameras: 



Ended up at the Hart and Thistle pub and microbrewery for dinner that night.  This place, as you would have gleaned from the name, brews its own beer.  TR tried one of their in house specials, but it wasn’t to her taste.  I got stuck into the Clancy’s, went down well too.  Here’s a pic; nice place and good food: 

Hart and Thistle pub and restaurant

The next day, we revisited Privateer’s Wharf and got some photos there, and then of Halifax’s Historic Properties.  I loved the whole atmosphere of this place.  Anyone who visits Nova Scotia/Halifax, do not miss this place: 



This is the HMCS Sackville, the last survivor of 269 corvettes which fought the Battle of the Atlantic during the Second World War: 

HMCS Sackville

The historic properties: 



By this stage, TR had had a gutful of my incessant whinging: 


I’m sorry TR!  Have mercy…(immediately after the photo, I copped the bucket of rotten tomatoes she’d been saving for just this moment). 

We took lots more photos of the historic properties, but the above will hopefully give you the idea.  Sorry there are not more in this blog (I’m…yawn…tired), so you will have to visit Halifax and see for yourself! 

The next day TR and I hit the road for our next destination:  the Cabot Trail.  We didn’t get there that day, having messed around with piccie-taking, breakfast, and the inevitable packing until almost lunchtime!  We stopped at Bev’s Country Diner at Upper Stewiacke for the brunch version of what you have when you have had brunch, then get hungry mid-afternoon.  Great little place, lots of character and atmosphere: 


I hadn’t turned my back for more than two seconds when TR was at it again, breaking the law.  I was SO embarrassed: 


I immediately called the Police, who raced up with sirens blazing, arrested TR, and threw her in the paddy wagon: 

So, Dear Ones, that’s where the day ended.  The following morning, I bailed TR out of the clink and the journey continued.  More next time; I’ll try not to let the next blog descend into nonsense.  Thanks for reading and thanks also for taking the time to leave a comment.  Very much appreciated!

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3 Responses to Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, and Rocks of Blue

  1. rattratt says:

    You are going to be so bored in PEI and Newfoundland without a TR to torment.

  2. IT"S ME says:

    Gosh ! another great blog. The pics are simply lovely. What more can I say ?
    Be good

  3. helen tallack says:

    Fantastic photos. These blogs are so entertaining…I should have kept up to date along the way but catching up is fun too.

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