Our progress thus far: setting up a campsite

We continued travelling east through Nova Scotia, our unofficial goal being the Cabot Trail.  This is one of the top ten motorcycling roads in North America, and TR and I were keen to sample its delights.  While I’m still getting the photos of the Cabot Trail together, I thought I’d show you a few pics and some commentary about the setting up of our campsite.

After the wonders of Halifax, and our slumfest at the Sheraton, TR and I went back to camping.  We ended up at a campground at Antigonish, our third night of roughing it.  I have to confess that, for the last two camp setups, I had engaged in some secretive and competitive gameplaying regarding the setting up of tents.  It was my aim to beat TR at the tent setup, thus giving me something entertaining to write about in this tiresome blog.  I did beat TR those first two nights, by more than a nose too.  With lightning-fast rapidity I would hurl the tent to the ground, fix the stays, bang in the tent pegs, all the while sneaking glances at TR’s progress to ensure I would win the race. 

However, by the third night, and prior to setting up, TR let on she was a wake-up to my childish game, forcing me to give up on the competition…

TR got into it straight away

Meanwhile, my tent site:

Thought I’d better look busy…

Bored already

TR kept on with her very efficient erection of the tent:

I decided I’d better get moving, so as not to be completely shamed…

But it was all too much:

TR powered on:

Still bored after the nanna nap, but got this far:

But all that exertion was too much:

Thirsty work.

TR is almost complete:

Super TR!

Finally I get my act together:

Done at last!

Okay, enough of the nonsense.  Suffice to say there were no more competitions happening for this part of the trip…not that I was aware of, anyway.  We woke the next morning to rain.  Lots of rain.  TR had a great idea:  we’ll move the tents to an undercover area nearby to pack up, thus saving us from getting soaked whilst trying to depart.  This worked well, apart from a visitor from a nearby RV who wandered over and made inane conversation with TR when she was trying to get things dry/pack the bikes.  Now, Blind Freddy could tell you this:  you don’t make inane conversation with TR when she’s (a) hungry, and (b) trying to get something important done in a quick and efficient manner.  TR made short work of him though (onya TR!); read more about how she did it here

Pretty good eh!  Tomorrow I’ll tell you more about our trip to the Cabot Trail (involving rain, gravel, and slippery mud), and the Cabot Trail itself.  ‘Bye.

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3 Responses to Our progress thus far: setting up a campsite

  1. rattratt says:

    Please don’t leave comments – it only encourages her…

  2. Elaine says:

    Very entertaining miss Hare nice to see you getting along with miss Tortoise.

  3. Kimberlee says:

    LOVE the piccies Mum!! Very entertaining. Your tent looks the best so you still won =) Love you xxox FACE!!

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