We Get Soaked, then Ride the Cabot Trail. Woo-Hoo!

Well, Blogfans, it was a rainy day when TR and I packed up our crap and headed to the Cabot Trail.  At this point, we were about 150 kms from the start.  I was lucky having TR along, because she took me through all the back roads, no boring highways!  It rained pretty much constantly, and became heavier the closer we got.   

There are times when wind, cold rain, and slippery mud are enough to make you curse every plan you ever had to ride roads less travelled, and curse when you watch your mood descend into the depths of a deep blue funk.  Then there are times when wind, cold rain, and slippery mud are more than enough to bring out your lighter side, the side where you burst into peals of laughter, no matter the type of adversity you face.  I reckon it depends on the company, that is, who’s with you when that adversity strikes.  For us, it was the latter; TR and I could barely look at each other before roaring merrily at the absurdity of the situation:  both soaked (plus our gear), nowhere near the Cabot Trail, covered in dirt and mud, yet loving every ridiculous minute.  

Here we are on the gravel.  The gravel road was not part of the plan for that day, but it kind of made the day.  



We're somewhere...This was ahead:  


Pondering the absurdities…  


We finally hit the tar after many kilometres of beyond careful riding.  TR, overwhelmed with the extreme concentration this took, showed her appreciation:  



That night we stayed in a motel in Baddeck, at the start of the Cabot Trail, and attempted to get our gear dry (with moderate success).  The following morning we hit the Frog and Toad for the Cabot Trail.  It was a lovely sunny day.  TR and I couldn’t wait.  Of course, there was the inevitable construction:  


 For you Aussies:  because of the harshness of the weather over here in winter, they can only do the road maintenance thing in the warmer months.  That means delays because of roadworks on pretty much every road you travel.  It was the same in Alaska. 

The Cabot Trail was beyond beautiful, better than my words could describe.  I will let the photos of TR and I do most of the talking here.  As motorcyclists, we love twisty roads with lots of curves.  Here are some of the Cabot Trail roads.  Very well maintained too: 


Great Road 

Great Road I

Great Road II

Great Road III

Great Road IV

Great Road V

Great Road VI

We ate at this yummy restaurant.  It was made for motorcyclists; good parking out the front, and food to die for.  We bought T-Shirts too: 


There were other nice sights to see.  As motorcyclists, you sometimes wonder what’s important:  should I enjoy these wonderful twisties, or get pics of the great roads to show I’d been there?  The twisties won out, however we did stop for a few Wow Scenes…had to:  *(Warning – lots of photos…) 












TR and I were well pleased after a successful riding day… 


That night, TR and I slept peacefully at the Silver Dart Lodge in Baddeck.  We stayed in a chalet.  For anyone wanting to explore this part of Nova Scotia, I highly recommend this place: 



View from our Chalet

After the high of the previous day, TR and I were brought immediately back to earth.  During our Cabot Trail ride, and unbeknown to us until the next day, the peanut butter had thrown up in my pannier.  It was time for Extensive Cleaning, the like of which I hadn’t seen for a couple of decades, a time when my children, now young adults, were babies.  Bill, Matthew, and Kimberlee, once upon a time you looked like this: 

Yucky Poo

More Yucky Poo

It was fun cleaning it out Blogees, but clean it we did!  More next time, when I tell you about the wonders of Prince Edward Island.  🙂

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7 Responses to We Get Soaked, then Ride the Cabot Trail. Woo-Hoo!

  1. IT"S ME says:

    I’m sure your children will be impressed ( NOT!! ) with your description of them when small ! However, I see the likeness !

    I am still in awe of the scenery over there. You are right, words do not do it justice. That means all your blogs + pics will have to be in a book. What I am at a loss to know is, of all the travel items we see on TV, why do the producers not show the eastern side of Canada? We see lots of the western side which is good, but the other is better, I think.

    Better go,
    Love always

  2. rattratt says:

    So glad I learned to ride a motorbike – because of you, I might add – as the Cabot Trail wouldn’t have been nearly as spectacular from inside a car.

    Had a great time riding with you last week.


  3. Kimberlee says:

    I’m sure mine was the cleanest and smallest ha ha… Thanks for the embarrassment. Xxox

  4. Kimberlee says:

    You probably won’t belive me, but i would have LOVED to be there with you two in the rain and mud. It looks like so much fun, and the Cabot Trail looks amazing! Reminds me of the time we used to ride through the mountains and to Highfields. Keep them coming Mum, you’re a fabulous writer! Xxox Face…

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