My Visit to Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island, in eastern Canada, is famous for a few things.  For one, it is beyond beautiful, with a peaceful and slower pace of life from the mainland.  They also grow potatoes here.  Lots of them.  Some of the potatoes they sell to people for food, and some (lots…well, shitloads really…) they use to make vodka.  Here I was, thinking people only made vodka from potatoes in illicit jailhouse stills.  But no, in PEI they make vodka from the plenteous potatoes which thrive in this picturesque and fertile land.  I’ll bet it’s nice vodka too, for those of you who think vodka is nice.   

I got to PEI via the 11km Confederation Bridge.  It is just amazing riding over this thing, seems to go on forever.  Here’s a few pics at the PEI end: 




I stayed two nights on PEI.  The second day I went for a ride around the island.  It’s pretty big, so I only did the eastern half.  It was also a very hot day, which was no dramas, but the heat made it hazy, which I guess is reflected in the photos.  Still, it was a very pleasant day.  Like I said, life is very relaxed here.  Even the drivers are patient and considerate.  I’ve noticed that, in comparison with Australia, Canadian drivers are a lot more considerate.  Even if you cross the road where there’s no pedestrian crossing, Canadian drivers will stop for you.  And they don’t give you a blat of the horn and tell you to get the @#*% off the street either.  They just stop, and let you go across, then drive on without a drama. 

Course, they’re probably thinking, “Who’s that bloody wanker wandering all over the road.  Probably an escapee from the nursing home”. 

Anyway, got some pics of the countryside during my ride.  As mentioned, it was a hazy day, but here’s what I saw: 





More of that hay

I went to Charlottetown, the capital, to use the ATM at a bank.  The ATMs in the servos don’t like me, and the feeling is mutual.  I’m glad I went in there – nice town: 


Prince Edward Island is also famous for the children’s story “Anne of Green Gables”, written an eon ago by Lucy Maud Montgomery.  When I say eon, I refer to Lucy’s time, when life was a shitload simpler and everyone was probably happier too.  In Lucy’s time, all people did was drink tea out of fine china, go to church every Sunday, sew fine seams, and procreate with dizzying rapidity.  Poor old Luce would have been all afluster had she been transported to today’s world, where she’d suddenly have to be keeping up with who’s bonking whom on Desperate Housewives. 

So, I visited the Anne of Green Gables Museum, and will tell you all about it, I suppose.  I know that all the men and most of the women reading this are going to be absolutely transfixed by my account of the visit.  The first was a neighbouring farm plus house which Lucy visited frequently, and which formed the basis for many of the Anne stories.  It was all pretty spartan: 



Inside…no telly, no computer, no motorbike in the garage even 😦 









Anyway, that was the neighbour’s place up the road.  Here’s where Lucy lived.  Only it doesn’t exist anymore.  It got burnt to the ground at some stage and only the foundations are left.  To get there, I had to walk a bit of a distance: 

This path...

This path...

Then (phew!) this path. It was a hot day

 Here it is: 


About the well

The well




Okay, enough of Lucy.  Oh…almost forgot…here’s her grave: 

Stayed the two nights at this chalet/cottage thing at Cavendish, on the north side of the island.  It was great – comfortable bed, and had a fridge, microwave and stove, as well as a bathroom.  It was peaceful and quiet too.  What more could I want? 

Alas, at last it was time to leave PEI.  There is a ferry which connects the island to Nova Scotia, so the bike and I caught this one fine morning a couple of days ago.  Here are some pics from the ferry upon departure; I was quite sad to leave because it was such a beautiful and restful place: 





No sooner did I finish taking these photos than Dramas began.  It was really windy, and I had my sunnies perched on my cap.  I was standing out on the deck, in the wind, when the sunnies suddenly fell off – not into the water, thankfully, but nonetheless into a forbidden place: 

Not allowed to go in here

They’re in here, dammit: 

They're in there, and I couldn't reach them, not even with my newspaper. Oh, what to do??

Not allowed to go in here II

I was just about to jump that fence thing and grab them when someone, in an official looking Crew Member uniform, walked past.  I considered asking him to get the sunnies for me, but didn’t.  I waited until he was well out of the way, then quickly checked for other interlopers.  None were to be seen.  Lots of non-crew member people were watching but who cared.  I bounded over the fence in a nanosecond, grabbed the bloody mongrel glasses, then hopped back and quickly ran into the anonymity of the dining section, where there were lots of noisy children to distract any pursuers.  Whew! 

Had a good ride through Nova Scotia up to a place called North Sydney, from where the ferry to Newfoundland departs.  Arrived with plenty of time to spare, so got a photo: 

I’m in Newfoundland now, so will tell you all about that next time.

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12 Responses to My Visit to Prince Edward Island

  1. Elaine says:

    No sooner are you are out of our sight and you are up to your old ways. Once a trespasser always a trespasser eh. We’re only guessing but think you used photoshop to rid yourself of the sign. ha

  2. Annabelle says:

    tsk tsk i dont know flaunting your Aussie larrikinism in the face of the authorities!! good on yer 🙂 regarding the case of the out of bounds glasses

  3. Kimberlee says:

    Well well well, who broke the law this time?? If only there was a picture… I’m pleased that you stayed away from the hay bales this time. And Desperate Housewives is a good show! I just think that everyone’s bonking everyone else, that’s how I keep up. Love you xxox

  4. IT"S ME says:


  5. Janette Scott says:

    It worked Mum. What do you REALLY think of the computer? Hope the shower was nice! xxox

  6. IT"S ME says:

    Here I go again !… try no2. ! well as I was saying, I enjoyed the pics about LMM. A lovely story, although it wouldn’t hit base with the young of today. Good for you rescueing your sunnies, a sensible thing to do, and to heck with officials who might decree what you can, and can not, do !
    We look forward to your next blog, as we do with all of them.
    Be good, (sort of )
    love always

  7. barbara perkins says:

    YEA !!!!!! it worked !!!

    • Janette says:

      Yes, I see it worked, despite you obviously losing the plot at one stage (as per usual). Glad you enjoyed the pics and words, and thanks again for being my #1 Fan.

  8. helen tallack says:

    Good work with the sunnies! When my daughter was up at Macchu Picchu she dropped her passport down the side of the mountain into out of bounds AND unsafe territory…she was so lucky that a staffer got it back for her before she had to leave a couple of hours later!! So the moral of the story?? Be careful with your passport!!

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