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The Next Chapter

There will be no more posting on My3oceanstour’s Blog ūüė¶ as that trip has come to its conclusion. However, the blogging must go on. I am now co-hosting a new photoblog with a fellow photography hobbyist from Canada, where we … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen (Part III)

After the Newfoundland trip I spent three weeks freeloading¬†with the TOW, and thanks to you both for your hospitality, by the way.¬† During that time, we went on a few rides with some friends.¬†¬†I want to show you some photos … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Farewell and Amen (Part II)

I’m not too sure how to begin this blog, or¬†how to formulate the end thereof, or even¬†how the beginning of the end should go, so I’ll start with the dipping of my feet in the Atlantic Ocean and take it … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen (Part I)

To continue on from whence I left you, Blogfans, it was in St. John’s that I viewed the Atlantic Ocean, thus completing the third leg of my 3 Ocean’s Tour.¬† More about that later.¬† The weather was so bad I … Continue reading

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Pollies, Shops, and Bones in St. John’s, Newfoundland

Following my sojourn amidst the Vikings in the north of Newfoundland, I headed back south and then east to the capital, St. John’s.¬†¬†The weather was foul; it wasn’t the rain so much as the wind.¬† Newfoundland is famous for its … Continue reading

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I, and Hurricane Earl, Hit Newfoundland

Well, Blogees, I’ll have you all know I’ve just survived a hurricane, yes, a hurricane, and I’ve been camping, yes camping, throughout.¬† Even though the winds, as I typed, were still somewhat brisk, and the internet access pretty much non-existent, … Continue reading

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My Visit to Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island, in eastern Canada, is famous for a few things.¬† For one, it is beyond beautiful, with a peaceful and slower pace of life from the mainland.¬† They also¬†grow potatoes here.¬† Lots of them.¬† Some of the potatoes … Continue reading

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